Specialized Global Boutique
We serve a broad range of financial services clients including banks, securities firms, asset management
firms, hedge funds and private equity firms.
Delivering Results
In such a highly competitive and rapidly changing industry where people and information determine success,
we are proud to provide our clients with real time access to the top talent in the marketplace. Our sector
focused approach offers clients the ability to be served by experienced consultants with a broad, deep
and relevant domain expertise.
Relevant Experience
Bluestar Search Partners is comprised of four senior partners, each of whom has pertinent
experience in the financial services industry. We can access networks and evaluate professionals
because we have worked in the industry. We make all recruiting and research calls to represent our
client in a very professional way.
Small By Design
Our small size ensures that we are not locked out of potential executive search pools due to
internal client conflicts. It also ensures complete confidentiality for our clients and candidates.
Trusted Advisor
We work closely with our clients to increase their understanding of the competitive landscape,
to identify areas of strategic advantages and to structure their searches to find the best talent in
the marketplace.